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17. January 2017 13:36
by CMunro

What is EZ Etch and should I use it?

17. January 2017 13:36 by CMunro | 0 Comments

The purpose of EZ Etch is to remove any residual finish that remains on porcelain or ceramic surfaces prior to the refinishing process.  EZ Etch was originally created by professionals, for professional use, but we've now formulated it to cater to the growing DIY community!  In combination with good preparation, EZ Etch creates an undeniable bond that achieves that "like factory new" finish!

EZ Etch has the texture of hand cream, and easily spreads onto surfaces with a sponge.  Once applied, allow 20-30 minutes for EZ Etch to rest before removing.  To remove, simply rinse with water and a scrubby pad.  Quick and easy, yet extremely effective! 

Why Should I Use EZ Etch?
Typically, porcelain and ceramic surfaces are too glossy and smooth to properly accept a new finish without some prior treatment to the surface.  Though it is possible to refinish these surfaces with only cleansing, sanding, and liquid primer, using EZ Etch is more effective and will ensure the preparation of these surfaces has been treated correctly.  Fixtures such as claw foot bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, steel bathtubs, sinks, and tile can be easily etched in about 20-30 minutes.  Why risk not removing any remaining gloss and therefore inhibiting a strong bond?  Use EZ Etch to help safeguard your Bathworks application and ensure the ideal bond between your surface and it's new finish. 

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