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31. July 2015 19:07
by CMunro

Cast Iron Bathtub Refinishing

31. July 2015 19:07 by CMunro | 0 Comments

How do you know you have a Cast iron bathtub? Imagine yourself kicking a large boulder; you’ll have the same feel kicking a cast iron tub!  Cast Iron bathtubs have been used for decades, their extremely hard, heavy, durable, long lasting bathtubs. For those of you who love your tub and like to soak for long periods of time you already know your Cast iron tub is very deep and it holds the heat in extremely well.

Now, besides the fact that taking one out with a sledge hammer is a brutal job, putting one back in is equally difficult, very expensive, and a very long messy remodeling process. So let’s just refinish it with great success! Below I’ve supplied a list of exactly what you'll need to complete a gratifying DIY project, keep your original high end cast iron bathtub, and complete the project in no time flat!

What you'll need:

BathWorks Premium Bathtub Refinishing Kit  (two coats, no problem, there’s enough)
BathWorks EZ Etch Kit (highly recommended for cast iron)

Project time: 1.5 hours 

That’s it!!  Enjoy your beautifully refinished cast iron bathtub.


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