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23. June 2014 10:33
by Admin

Well Water and Refinished Bathtub Surfaces - The Never Ending Battle

23. June 2014 10:33 by Admin | 0 Comments

Another question I often receive is regarding "well water."  What’s the never ending battle you may ask? For most people who have well water it’s a number of things that need no mention (if you have well water, then you already know what they are).  For me, it’s the same questions many have when considering refinishing their bathtub, showers, tiles, etc... How does it stand up in areas where the water is EXTREMELY hard with high iron and magnesium? 

Well (no pun intended), it stands up just fine - refinishing you’re bathtub in these conditions is absolutely normal, but keep in mind that refinishing will not alleviate the problems that may reoccur soon after (unsightly rusty reddish stains, etc... will return quickly if not dealt with properly). I won’t go off on a rant about how to remove or handle well water stains, I’m sure all of you who deal with it have looked into it.  But I will reiterate, the most effective way to avoid the stains is to wipe down and thoroughly dry the bathtub, shower, tile, etc... after every use. Doing so goes a LONG WAY, trust me on that one.

Extra help- Trick of the Trade:

Having a polishing regiment in place for the notorious stain areas won’t prevent them altogether, but will help with the cleaning. You’ll notice the stains will wipe off with ease. A good Polishing Kit with Revitalizing Cream & Finishing Gloss in the drain area every couple weeks goes a long way. Remember: do not use any polish in the areas that you will be standing, as it will be very slippery, and could cause you to fall!

If you don't have a polishing kit available, be sure to check out the BathWorks Bathtub Polishing and Care Kit.



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