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18. December 2013 11:52
by CMunro

Using the Preval Kit - Tricks of the Trade!

18. December 2013 11:52 by CMunro | 0 Comments

I receive so many questions from DIYers about the Preval Spray Kit that I want to take a few minutes to explain how it’s best used alongside the DIY Bathtub & Tile refinishing kit. First thing, the Preval kit is not a “sprayer” that can be used to spray the complete bathtub, tile, shower, etc... –but here’s what it can do for you:

Trick of the Trade: We refinish hundreds of commercial bathtubs each year (Marriotts, Host Hotels, Starwood, etc...) using the BathWorks DIY Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Kit. We spray nothing and roll everything, but here’s the thing - both methods have pros and cons, so we went and figured out how to combine the two to the help the DIY’er get the best of both worlds. We wanted that "professional look" with the DIY’er satisfaction! 

To start, one of the biggest negatives with spraying is also one of the biggest positives with rolling - the solvent!  Solvent is needed to achieve that glass smooth finish sprayed from a HVLP spray system. Adding solvent to the topcoat (to spray) thins the material and makes the top coat brittle. Now, don’t get me wrong we spray thousands of residential bathtubs each year, and give a 15 year warranty, no problem!  We’ve been doing this for 42 years, no problem with that either, but there's no denying the advantage of the roll method is that there's simply NO solvent!  The ending result is hard as a rock! A true hard shell finish. The down side with rolling only, is you’re not going to get that glass smooth look, that a good quality professional sprayer can produce.  The good news is, now you too can achieve a spray like finish, that's gets much closer to the quality of a professional refinishing company! Here’s how you do it.

The Preval sprayer works great on the upper deck and lower curve, as well as the caulk line of the bathtub.  After you have completed the DIY refinishing kit rolling steps, spray the upper deck (where you step over) the lower curve and any other areas you want with the Preval kit. Doing this greatly helps lay down the rolled topcoat leaving an extremely smooth, glossy, rock hard finish, as well as giving you that professionally refinished look!   It’s that easy! Both the BathWorks Bathtub Refinishing kit and the Preval Sprayer come with step by step instructions, and everything needed to complete your project.

Remember good ventilation- negative air out positive air in!  And should you decide to go with a professional company to refinish your tub, instead of doing it yourself, always check referrals, warranties, etc… There are a LOT of poor quality refinishers out there, so please do not support the "bottom feeders."

Happy rolling/spraying

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