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27. May 2013 14:09
by CMunro

Protect Your Investment - How to Maintain a New Tub Finish for the Long Term

27. May 2013 14:09 by CMunro | 0 Comments

Your bathtub has just been resurfaced by a professional or perhaps by yourself!  Here are a few tips to help protect your investment:

  • Avoid leaving wet washcloths on the surface for long periods of time.
  • Stay on top of the soap.  Soap scum will dull and dirty your finish very quickly! Unless you use a heavy abrasive it is quite difficult to remove.
  • Hair dye will permanently stain and ruin everything… I live with three women, I know!
  • When giving the dog a bath put down a towel to prevent scratches.  If you're giving your cat a bath, well, wear body armor!!! Wink
  • If you opted out of the non-slip bottom, and need to use a bathmat, use the non-suction cup kind.   Here's one we sell:

- CM

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