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13. May 2013 13:26
by CMunro

Frequently Asked DIY Bathtub Refinishing Question

13. May 2013 13:26 by CMunro | 0 Comments

Here’s one of the many daily questions I receive at Tub Refinishing, Inc. regarding our commercial refinishing products:

"Hello.  I am interested in refinishing my bathtub; however, I cannot afford a professional to do this and would like to do it myself.  I have read that a lot of the do it yourself kits contain poor paints and other ingredients that do not last long and are not durable.  I am looking for a company that I can purchase professional grade products from to use myself.  Would you be willing to sell me the products that I need to redo my own tub?"

My Response:

We cannot sell our Shurbond products to the general public (you must be a trained refinishing professional to use them).  However, we do have a retail product for the DIY enthusiast, called BathWorks - a DIY Bathtub Refinishing Kit. I can assure you it is a top of the line, commercial grade bathtub and bath wall refinishing kit,  and it has been formulated to provide an extremely glossy, very durable, long lasting finish. It is easily rolled onto your tub, or you can purchase a preval spray kit, which will allow you to spray on the finish.  Either way will produce a beautiful result.

Here are the two products we typically recommend for most projects:

Please feel free to call with with any questions!


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