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19. December 2013 15:32
by CMunro

Eliminating Bathtub Refinishing Odors

19. December 2013 15:32 by CMunro | 0 Comments

At Munro Product, we manufacture, distribute, and services every product we sell. Often we’re faced with questions of how to conquer the never ending problem of “That Smell .“   It’s amazing how many times have we heard “oh my gosh, how do you handle that smell?” and “Do you wear a mask?”  Yep that smell is pretty obnoxious.  Keeping control of it in a customer’s house, apartments, and hotels is not easy and only half of the battle. The technician's comfort, and most importantly their safety, being the other half.  The conclusion we've come to is a reality that everyone in the refinishing business has to face, and that is that there really is no winning, just managing!

Odor eliminators are not so great, right?  We try all different concoctions, with some working better than others, but most don’t work at all.  We’d love to hear your feedback.  Without question the best odor eliminator is an excellent commercial vent system ( ).    Venting as much “negative” air as possible and having plenty of “positive” fresh air coming in is the best way to do it. 

With good odor control practices there are positive results for both parties:

The Technician:  Having clean fresh air while spraying results in comfort, calmness, safety, and it goes without saying the end product is far better.

The Customer: Having clean fresh air after we leave the house results in less anxiety, more referrals, and a “like new” fixture that we’re all proud of.

To all my fellow refinishers out there, stay safe and remember "Without the battle there is no fight!"

Keep Fighting the Good Fight,

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