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15. April 2013 10:35
by CMunro

But, I can buy a brand new bathtub for less...

15. April 2013 10:35 by CMunro | 0 Comments

How many times do we hear “I can get a brand new bathtub for cheaper than that!”?

Of course you can, but with refinishing, in just three hours your bathtub and/or wall tile will look brand new at a fraction of the cost of full replacement! Customers often forget that there is the added cost of replacing plumbing fixtures, wall tile, wallboard, pipes, tile floors, sub flooring and the old bathtub removal. Then comes “Yeah but I do all my own work!”  Ok, your time and materials are free then. Ours is definitely not!  Those are the customers we prefer to just let replace their bathtub (sometimes they're more pain, than profit).  No matter how it’s worded, the cost of refinishing is considerable less than the cost of replacement.  If a potential customer can't see the value, well, it's their loss.

Focus: in three hours the bathtub will have a “like new” appearance without the hassle.

Tip: Give every customer the best bang for their buck. That helps assure refinishing projects in the future for all of us. 

Happy Refinishing,


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