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13. January 2013 12:32
by CMunro

“I Heard That Bathtub Refinishing Peels!”

13. January 2013 12:32 by CMunro | 0 Comments

Man, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that!  Well, alright, I’d at least have enough to buy a new pair of construction earplugs.  Anyway, it’s true! If all the steps in a refinishing project are not followed it will peel. Trust me I’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of peeling bathtubs and tiles refinished over the years and it all comes down to improper prepping.   There are way too many so-called companies out there who are giving the bathtub refinishing industry (and me, and you) a bad name. Believe me a lot of them have worked for us. Whether it’s cutting corners on prepping products, or cutting corners on time, it never pays in the long run.  Tub Refinishing, Inc. offers free training.  

I manage and oversee thousands of refinishing projects a year.  I can deal with the occasional run or rope. I understand dust. I know sometimes your knee touches the freshly sprayed bathtub. If it can happen, it has happened to me! But, the one thing we cannot and will not tolerate is rushing or skipping steps. It hurts us all!

Remember, refinishing is not a perfect process but we try to get it as close as we can. I will stand firm for you, for me, and for tomorrow’s refinishers.  Amen!

Happy Spraying,

- CM

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