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9. January 2013 17:47
by CMunro

Shuffle off to Buffalo (or San Francisco)

9. January 2013 17:47 by CMunro | 0 Comments

As I may have mentioned before we complete projects all over the country, all over the continent for that matter.  This past year I’ve been to Santa Clara, San Francisco, Boston, Des Moines, Houston, Saskatoon, Toronto, and NYC.  I used to collect two coffee cups from each city, keep one for myself and give the other to mom. Lame I know, boring yes, but I probably have about $5000 in cups now. A small fortune worth of coffee cups just waiting for someone in the family’s garage sale! I’m thinking magnets next, maybe.

Anyway, the real reason I’m sitting here, reminiscing about the past is not because I’m on my third cup of java, sipping it out of my yellow Calgary, Alberta coffee cup, but it's because next week we are heading back to San Francisco for another big hotel project, and I’ll tell you, I’m stoked! Not only the fact that one of our dealers and my good friend Pete ( from Tucson, AZ, is coming up to work with us, but the food is great and the atmosphere is wonderful!  Most times I’m chomping at the bit to get home, but not while I’m in SF, home to one of my favorite football teams and one of my favorite bands.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                !/photo.php?fbid=258754340858238&set=a.240568846010121.57017.169570963109910&type=3&theater                                           

I love San Francisco!

Oh yes, a refinishing Tip!   Stick to your system (always have one) and exude a lot of patience while working in a hotel! Remember, you might be in the presence of guests, so be courteous and professional at all times!  Oh and of course do a great job! For all of us!

Happy trails.

- CM

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